Thursday, 30 April 2015

Preliminary Task

Looking back at your preliminary task, before we started our preliminary task we don’t know hot to use Final cut pro we are very new to terms like trim,blade,range selection for editing. We didn't use Celtx for screenplay, We were told to construct a piece of video in which we had to take care of continuity editing i.e. 180 degree rule, shot reverse shot and match on action since everyone was making its own preliminary task I had the advantage to do it myself I wanted my preliminary task to appeal everyone that why i used real guns for my preliminary task.

The first thing we were told to do was to select a specific genre on which we would base our video then we were to told to construct a script,storyboard,shot number sheets on excel and selecting locations for our film all these things were constructed by me and making storyboard and shot list with proper schedule dates and with proper formatting was a difficult factor for me.

When all these things were completed, the principal photography took place. I was confident with my camera handling as I made some documentaries and funny videos before. Due to shortage of resources for our preliminary task I did not used and external lights therefore I tried to shoot in daylight because my DSLR does not allow me change its shutter speed and aperture on video mode. The day of shoot was a hectic day 

Finally I was left with the final post-production task, which was to edit my movie. Since I had never edited a movie before, I had a lot of difficulty in editing my task. I went through a lot of YouTube tutorials of Final Cut Pro X. I made a lot of mistakes during editing my task such as sound editing and much of the biggest mistake i did was that I didn’t have the copy of my task and my laptop got corrupted

Finally, I managed to recover my task, Using Final Cut Pro X with basic editing i had the basic knowledge to edit and movie with professional software’s

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